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Stealing Stuff - The Frozen Province (Part 2 of Sekiro)

So I went ahead and did way more than I need to do. I went ahead and made a whole Pamphlet Adventure based on Sekiro and stuff I stole from the internet. You can get it here: Oh my, so fancy... First and foremost, the biggest thanks to the people have spent their hard earned money on this and for the kind comments! If you are looking to do something similar, I deeply suggest you check out Gontijo on Twitter, this man shed light on some really nice  Stealable  resources: Up ahead I will vomit up all the key locations on the map (rough unfinished state) and comment on some of them: 8. River 3d6+4 [Undead Soldiers] stream from the river, attempting to drag the living in. They smell faintly of sakura leaves. {HD 2, AC 14, Sword 1d6, Half damage from normal weapons, can either attack or grapple} 4. Kensei Cave An [Aging Sword Saint] lives in this cave, seeking a worthy d

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